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We are extremely pleased to inform you that we have recently concluded an equity deal with the Singapore Government (National Research Foundation); a department directly under the Prime Minister’s office and chaired by the Prime Minister of Singapore. Additionally, two of the leading Asia Pacific Venture Capital firms, iGlobe Partners and Wavemaker Labs (Part of the Siemer Ventures), headquartered in Singapore, have also recently taken an equity stake in the company.

This investment would assist in executing our vision for expansion and providing our customers with a superior and unparalleled service. As one of the pioneers in cross border e-commerce, it is our mission to give you access to a unique set of products with a wide range of brands that appeal to the current innovations and trends of today.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patronage and look forward to serving you in future!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Care


Shopyourworld (ContactUs)

How do I contact ShopYourWorld?

You may contact Shopyourworld should you have any enquiry that has not been addressed in our FAQ section. Kindly indicate your reference number/order number/case number in the subject of the email, so that we can retrieve your information to help answer your queries.

For all enquiries call our customer service on: (91)22 61325050

Email: cs@shopyourworld.com

Fax Number: (91) 22 61323295

Our call center operating hours are from 9 am to 9 pm (Indian Standard Time) from Monday to Saturday except public holidays. After office hours please leave a voice mail or send us an email and we will respond back to you the next working day before noon.

How soon should I expect a reply to my email or Chat Message?

We will respond to your email within next working day.

Is there a customer service number or email for site problems, product information, and shipping queries?

Yes. Please email all general enquiries to us at cs@shopyourworld.com or contact our customer service hotline at (91) 22 61325050 from Monday to Saturday, excluding Public Holidays: 9.00 am to 9.00 pm Indian Standard Time.



Do I need to register to purchase an item on ShopYourWorld?

No, we have made it convenient so that you can use our “Express Checkout” feature where you will be prompted to only enter your billing/ shipping and payment details in order to proceed with your transaction.

How do I Register with ShopYourWorld?

Click on Register at the top of your page and fill in your email address and password (mandatory) and any additional information about yourself (optional). Once you register you will receive an immediate email confirmation on your successful registration with us.

What do I have to do upon receiving the registration email?

The registration email is for your own reference. Your account will be auto-activated once you register.

How do I change my Personal Details once I have registered on your site?

Visit “My Account” in order to edit any of the following details:
Email Address
Personal Details
Shipping Address
Billing Address

How can I make use of the Rs.1000 voucher I get on signing up with ShopYourWorld?

The 'Sign Up & Get Rs.1000' offer is valid only on limited range of products and categories. The details about how you can use the voucher is as follows
1) You are given two Rs.500 vouchers on registration that entail a Rs.500 off on a) all electronics on a minimum purchase of Rs.20,000 and b) on all baby, toys & sports products on a minimum purchase of Rs.5,000.
2) You can redeem a voucher only once.
3) You can use only one voucher per order.
4) The vouchers cannot be clubbed with any other offers.
5) Codes are valid only for 7 days post-registration.
6) The vouchers cannot be used for COD offers.
These Terms and Conditions are outlined in the email we send to your registered email ID as soon as you sign up for your immediate reference.



Shopyourworld Shopping Services

What is Shopyourworld.com?

Shopyourworld.com is an online shopping portal which allows you to shop from USA, UK and India.

What are the unique features of ShopYourWorld?

1. Ease of use, simply select a product, add to cart and proceed to checkout.
2. Fully Landed Price on the fly –Product price, all domestic and international shipping charges, taxes, custom duty and insurance have been included.
3. Exclusive brands from premium merchants which are not available in India.

I saw an item earlier on ShopYourWorld but it’s no longer there, can I still order it?

No. Our website follows the inventory status, thus, the items you are looking for might be out of stock.

How would I know if my order has been processed if the site hangs?

Go to “My Account” and “Order History” for “Paid” and/ or “Awaiting Payment transactions.

How do I know if my order is successful or not?

You will receive an email notification titled “Order Confirmation” for your successful transaction(s). This email contains your order number and product details to show your order is being processed.

I would like to cancel my order. Is there any way I can get a full refund for my purchase?

We will refund you if your item of purchase has not been processed yet. There will be administration charges Rs. 560. Orders can only be cancelled within 24 hours of placing an order. Please contact us for any immediately on phone at (91) 22 61325050 or cs@shopyourworld.comemail at: cs@shopyourworld.com

What is the final price of the product? How do you account pricing fluctuations?

Please note that since Shop Your World sources most of the products from the US. The prices, offers and discounts can vary anytime depending on the availability and international currency fluctuations, etc. Customers are requested to consider the price given on the product page as the final price as that is the most up-to-date price on the site. However, if the product is added to the shopping cart and not purchased immediately the price might change and you would see a "Price Change" message when you log in the next time to view your cart.

The product I purchased is defective. What should I do?

You need to report to us within 24 hours upon receiving of goods. We will arrange for the faulty product to be picked up and examined by our experts who determine if the product is defective. If found defective by us you will get the full refund the same manner you paid for the purchase, or you could choose to exchange the same for a new one in which case we ship you the new item. If we find that the product is not defective we will send the product back to you. Our policy is subjected to each individual store’s policy. Please read our Shipping Terms and Conditions. For more queries, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support from Monday to Saturday, excluding Public Holidays: 9.00 am to 9.00 pm (Indian Standard Time).

What if ShopYourWorld has delivered the wrong items or quantity to me?

ShopYourWorld will follow the same policy and procedure as described above for defective goods. Please read our Shipping Terms and Conditions.

How do I refund or exchange my goods with the ShopYourWorld?

If for any reason the buyer wishes to return or exchange the goods other than if it is defective, damaged or missing. The buyer will have to pay for all the shipping charges to return it back to our original merchant stores. If it is an exchange the buyer will have to pay ShopYourWorld, the shipping charges, customs duties and taxes if any from the store to the address as given by the buyer for the exchanged product. You must inform us within 3 days of receiving the goods. Please read our Shipping Terms and Conditions. All refund, returns, exchange, rebates and money-back guarantee policies and procedure will be in accordance to the ShopYouWorld’s policies and procedures.

What is ShopYourWorld Rewards Program?

This program rewards our customers with SYW Rupees for every new purchase. These earned SYW Rupees can be used to redeem and offset the total cost of our customer's next purchase.
Please visit ShopYourWorld Rewards Program for more information.

Are there any voltage conversion issues when purchasing electronics the US?

Many Indian consumers have had difficulties with their electronics, because Indian and American power systems are run differently. India and most of Europe uses a 220 volt/50 hertz system. A handful of other countries, including the United States, have 110 volt/60 hertz electricity. As a result, appliances in these nations are designed to connect to a specific type of power source, and using American devices in Indian outlets and vice versa can result in havoc.
Many nations also use different plugs, and a number of plug adapter kits are available for connecting to foreign plugs. However, use of these plugs without a transformer or voltage converter can result in fireworks. The voltage in India is twice that of the voltage in the United States, and while many electronics are designed to adapt to voltage changes, it is crucial to check. If the device is not capable of handling 220 volts of electricity, it will fail. In addition, some electrical devices cannot handle the lower 50 hertz cycle found in much of the world, and may experience difficulties.
To see if a voltage converter is needed, look for voltage information for the specific product you are purchasing under product specifications on the stores website. Many manufacturers design equipment with varying voltages in mind, and may list an ability to handle input ranging from 110-240 volts, indicating that it will work in the United States and India. In addition, the equipment is usually rated at 50/60 hertz, and will function on either cycle. However, some devices, especially hair dryers, are designed to function at either 110/60 or 220/50. If this is the case, a voltage converter is necessary.
If this is the case, look at the wattage requirement of the device, which should also be listed. When buying a voltage converter, be certain to get one with a wattage which has a higher rating than the device you are plugging in, to prevent electrical malfunction. Some electronics also require more energy at start up than in a running or standby mode, and if this is the case the wattage rating of the voltage converter should account for 120% or more of the listed wattage need of the device.
Customers are cautioned to be especially cautious with hair dryers, which have very high wattage requirements. In general, it is safer to purchase a Step-Down Voltage Converter which can handle at least 2000 watts to avoid damage to the hair dryer, operator, and electrical system it is plugged into.

If purchasing electrical products from the U.S. in most cases you will require a Step-Down Voltage Converter available here:



ShopYourWorld Shipping & Delivery Services

Does my delivery address have to be the same as my credit card billing address?

No, they don’t have to be the same. The credit card billing address, however, needs to be as registered with the bank for authentication purposes.

Do you deliver worldwide?

We deliver orders from USA, U.K and Asia into India currently.

What happens if my order exceeds USD $2500 in value from USA?

We will assist in filling up the Shipper Export Declaration (SED) on your behalf.


Are my goods insured?

At ShopYourWorld all items purchased by the buyer are insured for loss or damage for the full value including the shipping and Customs Duty and Taxes if any paid. That means that what you have paid to SYW is what the buyer gets back. Our Fixed Landed Price includes insurance for loss or damage of all items purchased from ShopYourWorld portal. The buyer will have to follow and comply with the process as described in our Shipping Terms and Conditions.

Must I pay for my insurance for my goods and when do I receive my claim?

Insurance are free for the full value of the goods. You will receive the claim amount within 7 working days, if the buyer has followed and complied with the Shipping Terms and Conditions.

Is the insurance coverage per item or per order basis?

The insurance coverage is for per consignment note/AWB. Example: If you purchase a hi-fi system depending on the products, it will come in packages like remote, speaker, player etc. This consider as per consignment note.

What is the process for returning an item on SYW?

1. Ensure that the product(s) is packed in its original packaging, along with all the original paperwork that arrived with the product (invoices, guarantees, airway bill etc.).
2. Call us at (91) 22 61325050 or email us at cs@shopyourworld.com to arrange to pick-up the product(s). We will arrange to pick up the product within 24 hours of receiving the notification.
3. Hand over the package to the courier, and he will give you an AWB copy, please preserve this as it will help you track your package.
4. SYW will send you an email once the package is received by us.

How and when will I get my refund?

Please see our Shipping Terms and Conditions.

What is the delivery time for the items purchased?

We have two services for shipping a) Priority and b) Express.
a) Priority Delivery The delivery period to major cities in India would be 5-7 business days from the time you place the order. This is provided that the Store that you have purchased the item has it in ready stock. For deliveries to Tier 3 cities it would take an additional 2 business days for delivery.
b) Express Delivery The delivery period to major cities in India would be 8-12 business days. This is provided that the Store that you have purchased the item has it in ready stock. For deliveries to Tier 3 cities and towns it would take an additional 2 business days for delivery. Please note: that we will only deliver to locations serviced by our Express Delivery partners.

What is the price difference between Priority Delivery and Express Delivery?

Express Delivery is included in our Fixed Landed Price; however our customers have the option to change the option to Priority Delivery at the Shopping Cart level. The additional charges for Priority Delivery are Rs. 800/-

How do I know if my good(s) has arrived?

You can track your order through the order/ reference numbers provided to you from our website. If you do not see the status please contact our Customer Service at (91)22-61325050 or email us at:cs@shopyourworld.com.

What happens when I’m not around when the delivery is made?

A Delivery Attempt Slip will be slot in at your doorstep notifying you the date & time the attempted delivery was made and you can call us to re-schedule the delivery.

What is 'volumetric weight'?

'Volumetric weight' is used in the airline industry to calculate the amount of space an item will require in an aircraft versus its dead (or actual) weight.
Compare the 'volumetric' weight with the dead (or actual) weight. Shipping will be charged on the basis of the heavier of the two weights.
For example, a delivery can have a 1kg dead (or actual) weight, but the dimensions of the delivery are 14 x 12 x 6 inches:
• 14 x 12 x 6 inches multiplied together = 1008
• 1008 divided by 305 = 3.30kg volumetric weight
• The shipping charge will be based on the volumetric weight of 3.30kg, not the 1kg dead weight.

Please see our Shipping Terms and Conditions for more information or contact our Customer Service on: (91)22 61325050.

Why am I being charged for Volumetric Weight?

The Airline charges us based on volumetric weight or dead weight whichever is higher. Please see our Shipping Terms and Conditions for more information or contact our Customer Service.

Which items are prohibited either for Carriage or by Indian Customs Regulations?

Please see the Shipping Terms and Conditions for a list all items that cannot be delivered.



Is there any authentication process for placing an order?

The Reserve Bank of India effective 1st Aug, 2010 require all banks to put in place a System of providing additional authentication/validation based on the information not visible on the credit/debit card for all online transactions. This would shield users from credit/debit card fraud. This new technology is known as Verified by Visa (VBV) or MasterCard Secure Code (MSC).
VBV or MSC are new services that will let you use a personal password with your Credit/Debit Card, giving you added assurance that only you can use them to make purchases over the Internet. The process is simple to use and secure.

How to get this password?

Each bank has its own process for VBV/MSC registration
1. Go to your bank's website.
2. Register your card for VBV or MSC.
3. When you register for Verified by Visa, you may be asked to create a Personal Message.
When you pay online, always look for this Personal Message to ensure that your bank is authenticating you.
4. The bank will issue the password to you

How does Verified by Visa work?

Verified by Visa provides you with a password to protect your online transactions, just like you use your PIN at an ATM. Here are the steps:
1. Select the goods or services you want from an online store and proceed to the payment page.
2. Enter your Card number and the online store will connect with your Bank to check whether your Card is secured with VBV/MSC.
3. The Bank initiates a Verified by Visa pop-up window on your computer screen that includes your Personal Message.
4. Look for and confirm your Personal Message, then enter your password. Your bank will then confirm your identity to the merchant.
5. Your payment is authorized and your order is placed. It's that simple!

How is my information protected?

We use the latest in encryption technology, including 128 bit SSL encryption to ensure that any sensitive information that is sent by you to us via the Internet is protected from unauthorized interception.

What happens if the systems hang during my payment process?

In the event of unsuccessful credit card payment processes, or if the systems hang during the process, please contact our customer service on: (91)22 61325050 from 9am to 9pm (Indian Standard Time)

My order won’t go through or my credit card bills keep getting rejected. Why?

Transactions are generally declined for your security. Be sure the billing address and phone number match your credit card statement and the account number, card type, expiration date, and CCV number are entered online as they appear on the card. If you still experience problems, please contact your credit card hotline.